Learn Danish in Bangkok (en)

Bureau Kronberg has a Danish language school in Bangkok/Thailand for Thais, who wants to learn Danish. Around 50% are Thais who wants to relocate to Denmark and live with their husband or future husband in Denmark. Thais, who wants to live in Denmark with their spouse, need to pass a Danish language test within a certain period.

However, family reunion or not, it is not easy to stay in Denmark for three month on a visitor visa, without knowledge of the Danish language. In general, Danes are better in English than Thais – but family and friends of the inviting person do not like to talk English all the time. Thus, it is always an advantage to learn Danish at our Danish language school.

The other 50% of our students in Danish are Thais, who wants to apply for visa as au pair or exchange student, or they are simple working within a business with Danes.

Our focus it not too much grammar, but is day-to-day Danish as well as an introduction to the Danish grammar to avoid confusing about “en” and “et” as well as about “være”, “er”, “var”, and so on, including “du”, “din”, and “dig”.

The Danish language is a “vowel” language, and consonants are often silent, which makes it a bit difficult to learn Danish. In English, a “garden” is a “garden”, but in Danish, a “have” is pronounced as “haau”. The bakery in Danish is “bageren”, but pronounced as “baaeren”. Thus, our school emphasize sthe vowels. The Danish part will understand both have and haau, but the Thai part will not understand haau, if she or he has been taught have.

Furthermore, we try to emphasize the important words, and not the “fillers” as for example “gerne” and “godt”. They should focus on the important words and not the fillers – they will experience them later.

You can read more about that at our website dedicated to these services: learn Danish in Bangkok at our Danish language school in Thailand.

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