Private consulting (en)

Bureau Kronberg offers a variety of services within private consulting in Thailand. In short, our private consulting started with services for people, who wanted to move to Thailand, buy land, house or a condominium in Thailand, starting a small business, or any other needs for foreigners, who wants to start a new life in Thailand in some way or another.

Later we expanded those services in the opposite direction, meaning for Thais who wants to move to Europe or another Western region. Mostly it is about visa to Schengen or Europe.

Some countries require knowledge about their language in case of immigration and due to the lack of Danish language schools in Thailand, we are now teaching Thais in the Danish language. There can be many other reasons for a Thai to learn Danish.

Our slogan is “Your bridge to Thailand”, but today it is also your bridge to West. Thus, our experience is about the cross-cultural meeting between East and West in both ways, and there is a cross-cultural meeting – even the Thais often like to behave as a Westerner. However, they are not Westerners insides as they are Thais outsides – and proud to be a Thai.

Whatever you think, something different is going on in their minds. Therefore, you have to deal with that or maybe fail. We are not the same, and nobody knows who is right. The fact is just that we are different. You cannot tell a Thai that he or she has to think as a Western. Maybe they will accept, but they will not adapt – same as you will not adapt being a Thai. The solution is in the middle.

When dealing with a very different culture, no one has the truth, so the reality has to be somewhere in between if both parties are looking for success.

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