Visa to Schengen (en)

Vi has been assisting many Thais with visa to Schengen (as e.g. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland (Swiss), and the rest of Schengen) and visa to Europe (as UK, United Kingdom, England, etc.), who was about to visit a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, friend, or family, as well as with au pair, business, or tourist visa to Schengen. There are many reasons to use a visa agent or a consultancy with experience with visa to Schengen and Europe.

Our clients don’t want too much hassle with visa to Schengen

Some clients simply do not want too much hassle and paper works with their visa to Schengen, or they do not have the time. Let us call it outsourcing. Sometimes the inviting part is not sure about the papers and the process within the application for a visa to Schengen or Europe from Thailand. And/or sometimes the Thai part is not sure about how to make the application for the visa to Schengen.

Other times, they have a visa to Schengen or Europe refused due to a misunderstanding in the former visa application, or because of a misleading advise from some visa agent. We experience that some visa applicants never has seen the visa application – and sometimes they even has not signed it personally. In those cases, it is very difficult to fix the damages.

Another problem is that the inviting person or the visa applicant sometimes has been manipulating with the truth. This is not recommended! If you have a weak case, it is better to explain the reason, instead of revising the truth. A very small lie in an application for a visa to Schengen countries or Europe may end up in big problems. Then it is better to make a personal explanation.

We understand the need for a visa to Europe but is must be genuine

However, sometimes it is better to postpone a weak visa application, as a postponed visa application is better than a refused visa application for visa to Schengen. We can give some guidelines to make the visa application stronger. In other words, it is better to make your relationship stronger.

We do understand that people in love want to see each other, but due to heavy abuse of visa to Schengen and Europe, the embassies are forced to be a bit critical. It is, therefore, important making it plausible that the visa applicant will not abuse the visa to Schengen, and that your relationship is true and genuine.

We assist with visa to in Schengen & Europe for countries such as:

You can read more about that at our website dedicated to these services: visa to Europe (วีซ่า) or: contact us today.

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