Corporate consulting

We have years of experience within company formation in Thailand as well as being a local representative for companies abroad. We can act as your representative as quality controller, sourcer or purchaser.

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Our target group is SME’s who do not have a budget for stationing a staff or manager in Thailand or simply want somebody to act on their behalf from time to time.

Often it ends up with lots of hassle when entering Thailand as the culture is quite different from the European culture and tradition. We have heard that professional and experienced accountants abroad have explained that the principles in accounting are international – they have all failed. Accounting is international, but in some ways, it is not.

Some years ago, The Royal Danish Embassy informed that: “… there are some significant advantages of using a local partner” as a “personal relationship between supplier and customer … [is] much more important in Thailand than in many Western countries.” Besides that “Thai people [is] in general not so good to speak English. On top of that does many Thais not feeling good in speaking English, which makes it complicated to communicate in English with the Thai markets.” However, this is “Not just because of language barriers, but also because of cultural differences, as many Thai customers prefer to deal with Thai suppliers with whom they are feeling more comfortable.”

Maybe you only need our service in average an hour a day or a working day a month. We can offer a solution for all your needs in Thailand. We can even offer a virtual office if you want a local phone and fax number, or just an address.

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