Your Advantages (en)

vandkoelgWhat are your (company’s) advantages by hiring an external consultant as representative, agent, fieldworker, project-manager or a “fixer” in Bangkok in Thailand?

  • A local consultant (firm) has an extended and strong local network.
  • An external consultant (firm) has access to shared knowledge – multiple experiences.
  • An consultant (firm) has its own support and backup team (its own employees).
  • An external consultant (firm) does not share confidential knowledge with the employees – no gossiping around the water-cooler.
  • An external consultant (firm) does not enter into internal power struggles.
  • An external consultant (firm) is no treat to the local management as s/he cannot take over their positions.
  • An consultant (firm) cannot suddenly resign or being headhunted.
  • In case of a stationed employee, there are cultural issues – in particularly if s/he is accompanied by a spouse (and kids). And a stationed employee is very expensive if s/he returns at the wrong moment (too early). A consultant (firm) does not experience culture shock.
  • It is cheaper to hire a consultant (firm) than to station or hire a local Westerner as most of the work can be done by a (cheaper) Thai anyway. When the Westerner makes “local work”, s/he is actually “idling”.
  • And there is no visa and work permit issues as the consultant (firm) has that already.
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